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Homoeopathic medicines for menopause

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Complete cessation of menses for one year is termed as menopause. Most females go through menopause between 40-50 years of age. It happens due to reduction in female hormones, oestrogen and progesteron. Following changes are observed in females during the menopausal period:

  1. Irregularity of menses: Menses may either be delayed or come early, may be scanty or too profuse.

  2. Hot flushes and hot sweats: Hot flushes may occur at night along with hot perspiration.

  3. Mental symptoms: Irritability, moodiness, anxiety may occur or may lead to depression.

  4. Weight gain: Weight gain occurs due to slowed metabolism and decreased female sex hormones.

  5. Dryness: Dryness of skin may lead to wrinkles. Dryness of intestines may lead to constipation.

  6. Hair loss: Hairs may also become brittle and lead to hair loss.

  7. Sexual discomfort: Vagina may become dry, thus causing aversion to sex and loss of sex drive.

  8. Gasrto-intestinal symptoms: Loss of appetite, bloating after fullness after eating.

  9. Decreased sleep: Sleep pattern may be disturbed or sleep time may be reduced.

  10. Memory loss: Females during menopausal period tend to forget things or purchases

  11. Osteoporosis: Due to lack of oestrogen, calcium assimilation gets disturbed. Calcium level in the body decreases and so bones become brittle (osteoporosis), leading to easy fracture.

Homoeopathic medicines for menopause:

Amylenum nitrosum: Climacteric headache and flushes of heat with anxiety and palpitation. Surging of blood to head and face. Anxiety as if something might happen, must have fresh air.

Lachesis: Hot flushes and hot perspiration, worse at night. Climacteric troubles, palpitations, flashes of heat, haemorrhages, vertex headache, fainting spells; worse pressure of clothes. Sad in the morning; no desire to mix with the world.

Sulphur: Burning in palms and soles at night. Hot, sweaty hands. Catnaps; slightest noise awakens. Cannot sleep between 2 and 5 a.m

Graphites: Females who are fat, chilly and costive. Menses too late, with constipation; pale and scanty. Sexual debility, decided aversion to coition. Want of disposition to work. Music makes her weep.

Sangunaria: Headaches return at climacteric; every seventh day. Right-sided headache, begins in occiput and settles over right eye. Patient better lying down and sleep.

Conium: Memory weak during menopause. No inclination for business or study; takes no interest in anything. Memory weak; unable to sustain any mental effort.

Sepia: Menses irregular; too late and scanty, or early and profuse. Prolapse of uterus and vagina. Bearing-down sensation as if everything would escape through vulva. Vagina painful, especially on coition.

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