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Homeopathic medicines for warts

Warts are rough, hard growths on the skin. They are caused by infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The virus is contagious and you can get warts from touching someone who has them. Most of the warts that appear on the hands and feet are usually harmless. However, a few warts that appear around the genitals, called ‘genital warts’ can cause cervical cancer in women.

There are five common types of warts:

  • Common warts: Common warts usually occur on the fingers and toes, but can occur anywhere. They have a rounded top and are usually lighter than the surrounding skin.

  • Periungual warts: Occur under the skin of fingers and toes.

  • Flat warts: Flat warts usually grow on the face, thighs and arms. They have a flat top and are very small, not noticeable easily.

  • Plantar warts: Grow on the soles of the feet. They remain inside the skin and do not come out. They however, make walking uncomfortable.

  • Filiform warts: Filiform warts grow around your mouth or nose or sometimes on your neck or under the chin. They are of the same colour of the skin and usually look like skin tag.

  • Genital warts: Genital warts are that occur on the genitals and are usually

sexually transmitted.

Treatment of warts depends on the location and nature of warts.

Smooth, all over the body- Causticum.

Genito-anal region- Nitric acid, Thuja.

Nose, finger tips, eyebrows- Causticum.

Smooth, fleshy on back of hands- Dulcamara.

Warts on the palms of hands- Natrum muriaticum.

Warts on the face and neck, necklace-like- Causticum.

Warts bleeding from washing- Nitric acid.

Warts inside nose: Nitric acid.

Warts on chin: Lycopodium, Thuja.

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